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10 oz burlap offers a nice tight weave

May 20, 2017

Strong and durable,10 oz burlap offers a nice tight weave. This is the most common weight burlap fabric, used in many applications such as jute table runners, jute table cloths, weddings, arts and crafts, jute tree wrap and home decor.

Our 40 inch wholesale burlap rolls are the most popular choice for wedding burlap aisle runners. Use the 12 or 14 inch for table runners and the 6 or 8 inch for hessian chair sashes.

If you don't see the width you need, we can custom cut our burlap rolls to any width to meet your specifications.

Use it inside or out. Jute is a plant based product, so it is Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. We offer burlap widths 1'' to 130''  wide on  factory prices.

Burlap spread over fresh cement and kept wet prevents cement from drying too quickly and checking.

Burlap wind-breaks protect small evergreens in winter and makes an ideal barrier against cold or sun.

When planting a lawn on a difficult slope or where seeds may be washed or blown away, cover ground after seeding with burlap and tack it down.

Burlap wrapped around the trunk of a young tree will protect bark from field mice, rabbits or during the shipment and handling of trees.

All of our jute burlap is non treated, so it is safe to use for landscaping or in the garden.