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burlap bows manufacturer 8*13inches

Aug 12, 2017

Anji qingyun jute textile mill mainly produced jute hessian fabric, jute bags,burlap tablecloth,burlap table runners,hessian rolls,burlap ribbons,burlap bows.

Customized with various kind of colors,sizes with cheapest prices.

jute weaving .png over 100sets of weaving machines.

jute burlap fabric .png  various quality of jute burlap fabric

burlap bows.png  high quality burlap fabric bows wholesale manufactured prices.

Factory name:Anji Qingyun Jute Textile Mill

Factory add.:Xiaoshu Industrial Zone,Meixi,Anji,Zhejiang,China

Contact person:Bella

Mob.:86 188 5720 3528

Fax:86 572 5910989