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burlap tablecloth manufactured

Jun 19, 2017

Although nearly carefree, there are times when your burlap may need laundering. Whether a wedding guest drips chocolate sauce on your burlap tablecloth or your curtains seem a bit dusty, the first step in cleaning Burlap is to give it a good shake and let it air out on a sunny day.  Sometimes this

is all it takes.

Burlap is an unfussy fabric and I personally think minor wrinkles add to its homespun appearance. If my Burlap linens need freshening up, I hang them on a clothesline and mist lightly with clean water. When dry, they look better than ever. Not only are the results beautifully crease-free, but line drying always makes me feel ecological virtuous.

        To prevent creasing, I usually roll my table runners around a paper towel tube before storing them. Since this isn’t practical for larger items, occasionally I find myself with an iron in hand. For best results, set the iron at the maximum steam setting but a medium heat, and iron both sides across the crease.