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Classification of mats

Nov 21, 2016

Mat types

1, practicality, wooden place mats wooden placemat is stronger and more durable, but the color variety with very simple.

2, plastic place mats made of PVC plastic plastic mats, shape variety, such as cartoon characters, brand design, simulation models, and so on, and reset the pattern, the pattern is more pronounced, not only practical, but can have very good visual effect.

3, silicone mats are a new popular mat, materials and environmental protection, heat insulation is strong, but cost is high.

Mat's quality rating

Due to the silicone mats of low carbon and environmental protection, anti-skid, shock-proof, heat-resistant, wear-resistance and other advantages, more and more silicone mats are very popular in Europe and a five-star hotel! Particularly high-end hotels attaches importance to environmental protection, judge the standard of five-star hotels is the hotel's environmental targets are met, not just decorate class to measure