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Cloth production technology

Nov 21, 2016

Is the process of production,

Plastic: PVC tablecloth, EVA tablecloth, PEVA tablecloth, pyrographic substrate PVC tablecloth, cotton tablecloth, tablecloth, cast PP cloth and polyethylene film tablecloth

Textile: polyester-cotton slub printed table cloth, polyester/cotton knit Mercerized Tuscany lace tablecloth lace table cloth, cotton, polyester tricot Jacquard tablecloth, cotton Mercerized Jacquard table cloth, polyester/cotton plain weave printed table cloth, polyester/cotton woven embroidery tablecloth, linen, knitted lace table cloth, polyester Ma Ping darn flower tablecloths, VS silk tablecloths, stars tablecloth

Second, classified according to use, such as dining table round edge tablecloth, table square flat cloth, coffee table round Insert Spike table cloths, bedroom night table lace tablecloth, decorative spikes bedrooms coffee table rectangular table cloths, bedroom night table lace tablecloth, decorative spikes bedrooms coffee table rectangular tablecloth. Another table round disposable non-woven tablecloths.

According to its purpose, can be summarized into two large categories of practical and decorative.

Practical tablecloth focusing on its function, common materials in plastic, colour is single. Due to the increasingly high quality of table, many families are generally not used table cloths, the visitor simply spread a layer of disposable tablecloths, after use and throw it away. This table cloth is simple, but not environmentally friendly.

Therefore, practical tablecloth made of PVC, PVC PVC table cloth tablecloth and cotton substrate quality is guaranteed. This table cloth covered with a layer of cotton at the bottom end of making it soft and easy to fold, to avoid the shortcomings of traditional PVC table cloth hard, brittle. And the tablecloth is not like traditional plastic table cloth color is too simple, dull, color and pattern varied, matching many kinds of decoration, soft decoration is a good choice. This tablecloth stain-resistant, easy to clean, easy to carry. Long service life, not easy to fade, fade. PVC table cloth early is very popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries due to the hot weather, PVC table cloth over the years in these countries also became popular in China because of its cheap also received many families welcome.