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how to distinguish natural fabric or synthetical fabric

Dec 26, 2018

Natural fabric are eco-friendly,rustic,anti-static, food grade,antibacterial,tenacity,resilient .

natural jute           colored jute     

Jute is one of cheapest natural fabric, it's great from decoaration, making bags,table runners.

hessian bags    jute wooden bags     jute tablr runner with lace

Synthetical fabric are more glossily, bright,easy to burn..

Anji qingyun jute textile mill mainly produced natural jute ,jute and cotton fabric,bags,table runners,placemats,ropes,sheets,ribbons.

Factory name:Anji Qingyun Jute Textile Mill

Factory add.:Xiaoshu Industrial Zone,Meixi,Anji,Zhejiang,China

Contact person:Bella

Mob.:  86 188 5720 3528 


Office Tel:86 572 5709788