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jute burlap bags for packing and decor

May 11, 2017

When your wedding favors require a natural touch or you are looking to compliment the authentic natural charm, these burlap bags are ideal. Natural and elegant, our jute bags have 1001 uses and a rugged elegance that's perfect for anything from a country and western themed wedding to making an eco-friendly statement.

Our customers have come up with a lot great ideas for these hessian bags. One of our favorites is to fill them with chocolate covered gourmet coffee beans to create traditional-looking "coffee sacks" that are packed full of flavor! If you're holding a seasonal wedding, you can fill these sacks with wildflower seeds or other all-natural favors for a unique touch that's also good for the environment!

Each of our elegant jute burlap bags features 2 pull cords making it simple to close.