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various kinds of jute burlap banners manufacturer prices with highest quality

Nov 18, 2017

burlap banner lucky

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Our Natural Burlap Fabric is made from the best Jute material on the market (we're not just saying that). Burlap has a wide variety of uses but mainly for decorative and utilitarian type projects. Burlap is a strong fabric that is cheap and easy to work with. Also Eco-friendly,food-grade.

Anji Qingyun Jute Textile Mill is a manufacturer can make everything regarding jute and burlap.

Below is a way of DIY hand make of various kinds of banners:

1. Tools:scissors,burlap fabric,jute twine

2. Cut some pieces of banners of size u want

3. String them together from one to another use needles and ropes.

4. hang on the wall or tree 


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