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What Can I Do With Burlap

May 13, 2017

Products made with this rustic fabric can have all kinds of uses, for packaging and decoration. Check out, for instance, our jute mesh, with a loose weave of squares – it’s heavy and strong, yet flexible and attractive. Our rolls of jute fabric can make an excellent window display, or can be put to use for floral arrangements, arts and crafts or other creative projects. We also offer tote bags with a sturdy jute edge and see-through mesh sides, with a heavy-gauge zipper.

You can also choose from heavy jute bags with a stitched rounded bottom and drawstring closure, or rougher natural burlap bags with a double-knotted drawstring at the very top. Don’t like the natural burlap? Want a splash of color? Try a soft jute burlap pouch in pink or light green, or larger bags with a smoother finish. We also carry wine bags with rope handles or drawstrings, in a variety of colors, and sturdy jute beach bags and shopping bags, to keep you from accumulating those plastic shopping bags from the store.

Burlap and jute not your style? Choose from our selection of cotton muslin bags.These natural cotton bags are popular for product packaging, wedding favors and craft projects. With a large selection of sizes, you should find a bag that fits your needs. 

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Use your imagination!