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Wire rope expert teaches you how to deal with corrosion problems

Nov 21, 2016

External and internal corrosion

Corrosion in marine or industrial pollution in the atmosphere are particularly vulnerable. It not only reduces the metal areas so as to reduce the wire rope breaking strength, but will also cause surface rough and he started to develop cracks and even accelerated. Serious corrosion can also cause lower elastic steel wire rope.

1, external corrosion

External wire corrosion can be observed with the naked eye. When the surface of the pit, wires should be scrapped rather flabby.

2, internal corrosion

Internal corrosion external corrosion than often accompany it appear more difficult to find. But the following phenomena for recognition:

A. wire rope diameter changes. Bent part of the rope around the pulley diameters typically smaller. But for the rest of the wire rope is often caused due to rust accumulated outer strands rope diameter increases.

B. reduced the gap between the outer strands of the rope, and often associated with the presence of outer strands break.

If there are any signs of internal corrosion, internal inspection by the managers for the steel wire ropes in Nantong. Recognizing the serious internal corrosion, the steel wire rope should be scrapped immediately.