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Burlap Multi-using Range

Feb 22, 2017

burlap was made of 100% natural jute fiber.

It was complete dregradable,eco-friendly,rustic and natural.

burlap was widely used in Garden,burlap ribbons can make beqautiful wreath,burlap trimming can pack root tightly,burlap rolls can pack flowers.

burlap was widely used in arts,like high density with tight weave burlap sheets, burlap fabric,jute hessian cloth.

burlap was widely used in packing range,like burlap bags,burlap gift bags,burlap favor bags,jute rice bags,hessian sacks,burlap sandbags.

pls contact us if u need more info. regarding jute or burlap at Email: bella@ajute.cn