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Canton Fair 2018 Qingyun Jute Booth No. 11.1G 31 Dated On 23-27th Apr.

Mar 30, 2018

Anji Qingyun Jute Textile Mill  has focused on top quality of burlap products for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in  jute and burlap in China.

Today, anji qingyun jute textile mill  has been one of the top producers on natural burlap such as: burlap fabric, burlap bags,burlap runners,burlap ribbons,burlap banners,burlap mesh,burlap rope....

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Jute items includes the following:


1, Jute /Burlap Fabric (1 inches--130 inches width )

2, Jute /Burlap Bags (shopping bags,sandbags,gift bags,agriculture bags,wine bags)

3, Jute/Burlap Ribbons( 1 inches--20 inches width )

4, Jute/Burlap Runners(round,square,rectangle)

5, Jute/Burlap Sheets(any color any size acceptable)

6, Jute/Burlap Mesh (any color any size acceptable)

7, Jute/Burlap Placemats (any color any size acceptable)

8, Jute/Burlap twine (any color any size acceptable)

9, Jute/Burlap banner (any color any size acceptable)

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blob.png            canton fair Oct.2016

Glad to come to see us !!! 

Contact info.:

Factory name:Anji Qingyun Jute Textile Mill

Factory add.:Xiaoshu Industrial Zone,Meixi,Anji,Zhejiang,China

Contact person:Bella     Whatsapp: 86 18857203528

Mob.:86 188 5720 3528   Wechat/QQ:1004495649

Office Tel:86 572 5709588