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Classification By Strand Inner Wire Contact

Nov 19, 2016

Unit point of contact between adjacent layers of steel wire into contact and line contact or contact 3.

① point contact of steel wire rope: diameter of wire in the unit are the same, each wire twist angle between the same, lay length is different, so inner and outer wire crossing each other, point of contact.

II linear contact lay wire rope: shares in the steel twist from the same twist angles, on the inner and outer wires touch each other in a spiral, a line contact. In the case the same conditions, linear contact lay wire rope service life longer than the contact wire rope.

③ Compact type of wire rope, formerly known as facial contacted wire rope, wire rope laying process, after forging, drawing, wire formed between the contact surfaces, including compaction, wire rope strands compacted and compacted strands double and so on.

II sealed wire rope: outer with shaped wire made, including t type s type Z type section structure of wire, surface smooth, wear sex good, and same diameter of other type wire rope compared, tensile strength larger, and can bear horizontal pressure, but flexible sex poor, and process more complex, and manufacturing cost high, common for hosted cable, as cable crane and overhead ropeway Shang of cable.