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Jute Linen Fabric, A Brief Introduction

Nov 19, 2016

Is linen, ramie, jute, sisal, Abaca, a cloth made from hemp fiber. Usually used for casual wear, work wear, can also be used to produce environmentally friendly packaging, fashion handbags, gifts, exquisite little sacks of food, pet products, cement products and maintenance, process painting and calligraphy, decoration, shop decoration, hardware package, pavement maintenance, environmental products, new plates, hunting supplies, gardening supplies, craft shoes and hats, beautiful tags, ocean shipping shipping supplies, and more. Its advantage is the strength of high moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, permeability is very good. Its disadvantage is that in not very comfortable, look more coarse and stiff. Products made of linen with a breathable fresh, soft and comfortable washing and fast, antiseptic, antibacterial characteristics.