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Jute Linen Fabric Washing

Nov 19, 2016

1. Washable, do not use boiling water, warm or cold;

2. Use cleaning agents cannot be soaked for a long time, a short time after immersion Rinse gently rub, hemp fabric to be cleaned, not for a long time to put together, will fade. Not cleaned with cotton.

3. Flat to dry, not wring, fold, do not isolate appears yellow, dry time after collecting.

4. Flat to dry ironing temperature should not be too high, too high temperature, will destroy the internal structures, resulting in damage to the fabric, preferably covered with a layer of white cloth when ironing, so that you can keep it bright colors.

5. Distinguish colors when washing, washing has some fading of black linen, you can add a little tea in the water or coffee, such washing linen solid color light color linen, cleaning, you can add two cups of beer in the rinse water, bleached linen and bright as new.