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The Basic Meaning Of Hemp Rope

Nov 19, 2016

Ropes are hemp fibers. Hemp rope, General 0.5mm-60mm in diameter. Hemp (including jute/sisal), two three four strands of twine ball, diameter 1.5 PCT-4.5, linen like Twine. Linen from 0.8 yarn into 6 yarn, Twine diameter: 1mm-5mm can be used single unit, two, three, four units and a number of yarns, using cylindrical, conical tubes, Jane without paper packaging.

MA is a herb. Hemp, flax, apocynum fiber cell wall lignification, similar to those of cotton fibre width length, can be used as a soft rope products raw materials.

Jute, kenaf bast fibers such as cell wall lignification, short fibers, can only be regarded as relatively hard rope materials, its products according to the softness is widely used in shoes, clothing, packaging material, etc. Yellow Twine/yarn, Twine imports usually have three tight, three units, multiple line and single line, specifications respectively: 1.5*3,1.5*4,1.6*1,1.6*2,1.6*3,1.6*4,2.1 *1,2.1*2,2.1*3,3.1*1,3.1*2,3.1^3,3.7*1,3.7*2,3.7*3,4.1*1,4.1*2, 4x4=16 shares, 3x4=12 shares and 3x5=15 shares, 3x 6=18 shares, 3x7=21 shares and 3x10=30 shares; long with 1.5:3x3=9 shares, 3x4=12 shares and 4x4=16 shares, 3x6=18 shares and 3x10=30 shares, it is commonly used in construction, the train brakes, bundled products, and so on.